Rock O'Neal - Nusmile Dental


I have known Daniel Crespo for over 8 years. He is always loyal, trustworthy, sincere, knowledgeable and energetic assisting our dental business. He sold our New Port Richey office quickly, in a professional manner.

Daniel Crespo goes to the next level in serving those he works with to assist them, to help them reach the desired results.

I recommend Daniel to any Dentist looking to sell or buy a dental practice without hesitation. He will work  hard an smart for you.

Dr Aleksander Precaj


I have known Daniel Crespo for 2 years,  while he was working as my broker last year. He sold my practice quickly and was very professional while doing so.

To my own observation, Daniel Crespo is trustworthy and a reliable person who goes great length to accomplish any task given to him. He works well as an individual and a team player.

I wish Daniel Crespo all the success in life and recommend him to any dentist looking on selling or buying a dental practice without any hesitation.

Dr Chris Wujick


i have had the absolute pleasure of working with Daniel Crespo in my recent purchase of a dental office. He is one of the attentive and thorough individuals I could ever imagine for navigating such a potential stressful situation as acquiring a dental office. He was incredibly knowledgeable with great insight about the industry as he has been involved in various aspects of dentistry personnel and transitions for many years. Yet for an individual with so much experience, he had the energy of a rookie. He was always at my service whenever he was needed and he accomplished whatever task I needed fro him with a smile and a positive attitude.